Letter from the Chair

Dear Freshmen,
Welcome to Tzu Chi University.
Tzu Chi University began as Tzu Chi College of Medicine, which was founded in 1994. Its objectives are to improve the healthcare quality in eastern Taiwan, prepare students to become medical professionals, and enhance people’s well-being. In 2000, Tzu Chi College of Medicine was renamed Tzu Chi University. At present, we have four colleges: the College of Medicine, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Education and Communication, and International College. The University Park, along with nearby Tzu-chi affiliates: the Tzu-Chi Medical Center, Jing Si Hall and Jing Si Bamboo Bungalow form the famous Tzu-Chi cultural park.
The Department of Nursing was established in 1994. We began with a master’s program, and in 1997 we started admitting undergraduate students. The educational goal is to prepare students to become nursing professionals equipped with humanism and professionalism. Every year, we admit 80 undergraduate students and 18 master’s students. To enhance students’ learning, we provide nursing skill laboratories, simulated medical-surgical ward , multi-functional lecture halls, meeting rooms, administrative offices, and the student association’s offices.
Most of our faculty members have doctoral degrees. They are all dedicated to teaching and enjoy being with their students. Counselors of the Counseling Center work with our students whenever they require assistance. Moreover, members of Tzu-Cheng Yi-Te Association, who are senior Tzu Chi volunteers from all walks of life, will support you  and help make you feel at home during your study here. The University supports students to focus on their studies without worrying about financial matters, so we provide Tzu Chi Scholarships to those who are diligent in their studies. Each scholarship covers tuition fees, internship fees, school housing fees, meal expenses, and monthly allowance. Moreover, the University offers other scholarships and grants to meet student needs.
Tzu Chi University was founded by Tzu Chi Foundation, which collaborates with the University to provide diverse learning opportunities for students to learn on and off campus, and to take part in internship training. Additionally, the Foundation helps students seek employment in Tzu Chi’s healthcare affiliates after completing their studies. Our graduates have been very successful, with passing rates for the National Licensure Examination in Nursing more than 90% over the past ten years. Furthermore, our alumni are highly regarded by their employers.
Our Student Association also provides excellent student support. Every year they organize a wide variety of activities, which include welcoming our freshmen, introducing freshmen to their seniors, sponsoring Nursing Week activities, hosting a Christmas party, sponsoring activities related to international exchange, holding a Capping Ceremony, visiting the underprivileged in communities, serving needy people living on offshore islands, and organizing alumni reunions. I am confident you will enjoy attending these activities, and I look forward to greeting you. May you cherish every moment with us and make the most of your time at Tzu Chi University.
Best regards,
Tai-Chu Peng, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Department of Nursing
Tzu Chi University