Student Life

Students’ Daily Life

1. The University cafeteria provides delicious and inexpensive vegetarian food. Breakfast costs only NT$15 (Main Campus) or NT$25 (Jieren Campus), while lunch and dinner cost NT$25 (Main Campus) or NT$33 (Jieren Campus). Students must bring their own containers and utensils.
2. The University provides two kinds of uniforms: recreation wear and formal wear. Students are required to wear a uniform.
3. A standard suite with A/C occupies 391 square feet (36 square meters), accommodates 4 students, and costs NT$8,200 (not including A/C fee) per semester.
University is located in the downtown area of Hualien city with easy access to places of interests.

4. There are more than 50 student clubs to choose from.


The University views students’ needs holistically. Staff in the Office of Student Affairs, two to four academic advisors in each class, and members of Tzu-Cheng and Yi-Te Association (senior Tzu Chi volunteers from all walks of life) work in partnership to support students’ wellbeing both on and off campus.