Our Mission

Nurture kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity,
to prepare students to become professionals who respect life and
attend to others’ needs with altruism and volunteerism.


  • Undergraduate Program
  • Master’s Program:
    Clinical Nursing Group and Nurse Practitioner Group

Educational Goals

  • Undergraduate Program: Prepare students to become nursing professionals equipped with humanism and professionalism.
  • Master’s Program: Train students to become clinical nursing professionals capable of carrying out healthcare services, research, and decision making.

Faculty Members

Faculty members have a wealth of academic and clinical experience. They are full-time and part-time professors, associate professors, assistant professors, or clinical experts, who teach our students in the classroom and guide them in the clinical environment. We also invite renowned nursing experts and scholars from Taiwan and overseas to give lectures or speeches.

Special Features

  1. Align classroom learning with application in clinical practice.
  2. Work with other Tzu Chi affiliates in charity, healthcare, education and humanistic culture, to provide students with diverse learning opportunities.
  1. Offer a master’s program to those who are interested in pursuing advanced studies.
  1. Collaborate with global partners to facilitate our faculty members, staff and students working with counterparts in other countries.
  2. Academic advisors, members of Tzu-Cheng and Yi-Te Association (senior Tzu Chi volunteers from all walks of life), and counselors to work together in providing the best support for our students.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are able to:
1. Take part in teaching, research or nursing care activities sponsored by Tzu Chi hospitals or other healthcare institutions.
2. Support residents in eastern Taiwan in addressing their healthcare needs, and assist in emergency relief work.
3. Attend medical outreach in Taiwan and overseas, sponsored by Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, and visit needy families living on offshore islands, sponsored by our department.
4. Join student clubs, some of which focus on serving the needy, while others are associated with leisure activities, such as music and sports.

Students’ Passing Rates for the National Licensure Examination in Nursing

Our rates for the past ten years have been over 90%, which are much higher than the national average.

Seek Employment or Pursue Advanced Studies

Seek employment:
Students may choose to engage in nursing work at Tzu Chi Hospitals around Taiwan. Tzu Chi has seven hospitals in Taiwan: in Hualien, Taipei, Taichung, Dalin, Yuli, Guanshan and Douliu. Students can seek employment in other healthcare institutions in Taiwan or overseas. Most of our alumni are working at hospitals in Taiwan and their professionalism has been highly regarded.
Pursue advanced studies
  • Those who have completed the undergraduate program can pursue a master’s program in nursing, in Taiwan or elsewhere.
  • Those who have completed a master’s program can pursue the Ph.D. program in nursing, in Taiwan or elsewhere.

Future Directions

  • Continue to align classroom learning with application in the clinical practice.
  • Expand our master’s program to train more nurse practitioners.
  • Collaborate with global partners to provide faculty members, staff and students with opportunities to work with their peers overseas.
  • Work with other Tzu Chi affiliates in charity, healthcare, education, and humanistic culture, to provide students with diverse learning opportunities.
  • Sponsor or enable faculty members and students to attend academic conferences to broaden their perspectives.
  • Offer grants to encourage faculty members and students to apply for research funding.
  • Establish an interdisciplinary research team to enrich research capabilities.
Community Service
  • Promote adult education and sponsor various healthcare activities to enhance community healthcare knowledge.
  • Provide training sessions related to writing reports and administrative projects to enhance writing skills and research capabilities among registered clinical nurses.
  • Support on-the-job training for nursing professionals around the country and especially for local areas…
  • Take part in healthcare services such as free clinic and medical outreach programs sponsored by our partner institutions.
  • Provide community healthcare services whenever these are required.